We met at a party. Neither of us had a date, so we became each other’s date to give us someone to talk to without busting in on different couples. We had a couple of drinks and danced a little bit, and pretty soon, we were hitting it off. I offered her a ride home since she probably shouldn’t have driven. She accepted.

Back at her apartment, as shortly as we hit the door, she wrapped herself around me, and we made out in the hallway. She lost her dress on the way to the bedroom, and she had me stripped down as soon as we hit the bed. Her mouth went to work on my cock in the best blow job I’ve ever experienced, and then I had her breast in my mouth as I worked my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She slid a condom on me and said she couldn’t wait anymore, so I ploughed into her, and we fucked with reckless abandon until I couldn’t hold it anymore, and I exploded with an AMAZING orgasm. She didn’t cum the first time, so I went to work with my mouth until she finally came herself. We fucked all night and have been dating ever since.

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