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Are you feeling lonely in this big city of Kolkata and want a beautiful Escort Service in Kolkata on your bed or for outdoor romance? Are you looking for the hottest, most gorgeous, and sexy call girls to have an unforgettable experience? If the answer is Yes, then you are in the right website. 

Kolata Escorts (KE) Guide Service is an escort agency based in Kolkata, we are dedicated to providing the best Kolkata escorts as well as an unparalleled selection of incredibly beautiful yet discreet high class ladies throughout various other areas in the Kolkata.

Our companionship services are truly without equal and the difference in class between our girls and our competitors is utterly phenomenal. So, if you’re a discerning gentleman looking for attentive service from one of the finest Call Girls available in Kolkata then KE Guide is undoubtedly the agency for you.

Our Kolkata Escorts are Suitable For All Sex Positions With Female Partners

Upstanding Style
G-Whiz Style
Sitting Down Style
Sitting Up style
One Up Style
Flatiron Style
Pretzel Dip Style
Wheelbarrow Style
Doggy Style
Sideways 69 Style
Cow Girl Style
Wrapped Lotus Style

The Ultimate Seduction

Kolkata Escorts Guide we have a team of all female escort staff who work tirelessly to ensure that Our Call girls are, by far, the best Kolkata escorts you can find. Our standards are completely unmatched by any other agency in Kolkata thanks to our native Bengali and the hard work they put in to recruiting only the most sophisticated, elegant girls that Kolkata has to offer.

Here Are Some Other Things Experienced Escorts Can Offers:

Quality sex – The truth is that nothing compares to sex with a woman who has experience in this field. In many cases, single men who do not have enough patience to conquer a young lady with whom to spend hot moments can choose the services of a young or mature Kolkata escort girl for certain bodily pleasures. Experience will speak for itself during a love match because many of these ladies have been practicing this profession for some time.

A perfect body – Escorts with a higher price and are considered luxury also get this status by the way they look. Every man dreams of a woman with perfect shapes, a beautiful smile and special eyes, and many luxury escorts have all these qualities. Even if the price is higher, a sexual experience with such a young lady is worth every penny invested.

Delicate behavior – These women have the quality of being pleasing both by the way they behave and by the way they are. They can listen to you when you want to unload, but also to touch you and kiss you exactly the way you want. A sex party with an experienced escort girl can help you forget about all the problems you face at work.

If you consider yourself a single man and you want to end abstinence, you can look for an escort that attracts you a lot and offer her fantasies that you have not yet experienced. You will have no regrets about the choice you made!

Our NEWLY Female Escorts

What Services We Provide? Why ?

The Kolkata Escorts Guide website provide services and info like BDSM and Massage presents complete listings of Kolkata, sexual resources including contact information for escorts, rubdowns, massage, BDSM, exotic dancers, female models, nightlife, erotic art, strippers and much more! This guide to sex in the Kolkata Area contains nudity and adult content.

The escort profession is increasing in our society, so people have started to explore the great options to have the girls of their dreams. No matter where you live or reside in India, with the advancement of internet technology, you can easily find gorgeous girls. We are the top-notch authorized Kolkata Escorts Agency; we would love to offer you services matching your status and desires. Our galore of professional sex workers will leave you surprised because the collection that our galore boasts of comprises girls from around the globe, Russian girls, American, Tajak, Uzbek, Dubai girls, and girls from other countries.

10 Reasons You Should Hire an Escort

With it being straightforward to find an Female Escort in Kolkata, there are numerous reasons why you should visit one, from loneliness to lack of sexual gratification; the reasons and possibilities are truly endless.

  1. Loneliness
    Here at Paid Sex Service, we understand that people can get lonely; this loneliness is dangerous and saddening. With the recent pandemic, many people have been left feeling isolated as a direct result; this loneliness can be eased by spending time with other people. Here at Paid Sex Club, we have beautiful girls you can hire to spend time with, whether it be from dinner dates or more erotic and intimate meetings we can provide them all
  2. Experimentation
    Many people have sexual desires that they have been too afraid to engage in with previous girlfriends or partners; well, our girls are experienced, qualified escorts who have no qualms about experimenting. With no reason to feel embarrassed, our girls can indulge you in your greatest fantasies. With no obligation to see the same girl again, you can hire an escort for an intimate meeting and be open and honest about any fantasies you may have and wish to try.
  3. Girlfriend experiences
    Here at KE Guide Service, our girls can give you the “girlfriend experience”; this is a great way to have the intimate connections of a relationship without any of the hassle. You can hire one of our girls for this experience, have the complete package of a relationship, and live a single lifestyle. Our bespoke packages mean you can hire one of our cheap call girls in Kolkata, who will turn up at your house and act like they are in a relationship. This is great for single eligible bachelors as it allows them the freedom of a single life and the intimacy and conversation of a taken man.
  4. Events
    Have you ever been invited to an event and given a plus one but had nobody to take it? It can be embarrassing, right? Well, look no further than Paid Sex service, as our girls can be hired for all kinds of events; our escorts in Kolkata are professionally trained, almost as though an model is and can be employed to dress beautifully and be on your arm all night, ready for you to show off. Our girls are beautiful and have the skill set required for social situations. They can put on romantic conversation with strangers and make you the envy of the room. By having a beautiful, flawless lady on your arm, you truly will be the envy of the room of 5 star Hotel.
  5. Straight forward Sex
    Naturally, as human beings, we have sexual desires; these desires should not be left unattended to as they only increase and increase over time; by hiring our call girls in Kolkata for a more intimate session, you can free yourself of any desires you already currently have. Our girls are professional escorts who know precisely what they’re doing and how to fulfil people’s desires. They will discuss exactly what activities you wish to hire in con, firm their limits, and devise an arrangement with you over what is and isn’t okay.
  6. Affordability
    Whilst there is a wide variety of call girls in Kolkata, the high demand has led to a more competitive level of pricing, with prices starting from 16,000 INR. These rates are meager and competitive whilst providing high-Profile call girls. With reasonable prices and great, beautiful girls, there’s no reason to enquire now. With no obligation to go through with the booking until closer to the time, there is nothing to lose and much to gain.
  7. Fun
    Meeting new people can always be fun, so why not meet one of our well educated, professional escorts now? They have excellent conversational skills and can help you blow off a little steam; they are great fun and will make you laugh within minutes. All our girls have a good intelligence and can more than hold their own in a conversation. They are great at meeting new people if you take them to an event and can get along with anybody. After the recent pandemic and all of the restrictions, it’s about time you have some fun. Whether you hire one of our gorgeous ladies for an intimate meeting or a more top class event, it’s time you got out and had some fun with one of our lucky ladies now.
  8. Relation: Sometimes, seeing people you already know can be pretty high maintenance; this is because you know them so well you don’t want to say or do anything that might make a negative impression; this can lead to stress and find yourself unable to relax. If you hire an escort from Kolkata, you will see how relaxed they are. Experts in escorting are relaxed, calm and comfortable in most situations. If you want to relax and kick back with good company, then hiring an escort is for you. Our escorts are discrete, relaxed, and happy to have a great time with you.
  9. Versatility
    Our girls are versatile and flexible; if you want to hire a girl for the entire night, this is completely possible; they can adapt to their surroundings, whether it be a corporate event or an intimate meeting with just the two of you. Our escorts fit in well in social situations and are discrete, so nobody else will know you have hired an escort for the evening. Our escorts are also well-equipped with the social skills to read the room and socialize with others that are appropriate and mentally stimulating. There is no reason not to hire one of our escorts, so get hired now!
  10. Why Not?
    The last and straight forward reason to hire an escort is, why not?  You can have a great time whilst experiencing something new, and you can hire a beautiful lady to enhance your evening further; whether you are shy or an outgoing man, our ladies will help you to develop your understanding of your sexuality and pleasures whilst making you feel comfortable and at ease. Our girls are very professional and will never encourage you to do something you don’t want to unless this is stated at the beginning of the session.

Night & Day Escorts Service

If you have an event you’re going to, you no longer have to be the odd one out on your own or ask somebody you know awkwardly; you can hire our gorgeous girls to help you out and be your date for the night. As soon as you let the girls see the event’s theme, they can ensure their outfits will make everybody admire their beauty and be very jealous of you having them on a date.

Whether you want a girl for an intimate date, a corporate event, or to chill out, you can look through the girls we have in our books and select which girl you want to spend time with and think will best suit you. With a satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to worry about, so book one now and relax, ready to have a great experience.

Why Have a Partner All Around?​

  • The hot- cold temperatures: It is necessary that the person can contemplate the Hot cold and rain weather that Kolkata has in store for you. It is pretty chilly in here,,; therefore, it would be a great idea to have some company on board as well. At the most, they will be able to make you feel hot in this glittering cold.
  • companion to spend time with: You must have a companion worth spending time with. Nobody likes to travel alone, and therefore, it is advisable to have an escort companion with whom you can spend some quality time.
  • Erasing off the loneliness: All of us hate the absolute loneliness that we are subjected to in an alien land especially if we are visiting the place for the first time. An escort companion would allow for emotional connection. Then person is able to relate themselves on an intricate level with someone special amidst the be wilderness.Awesome places to visit:
  • Kolkata has some of the top tourist destinations to visit. It is a highly coveted place among the people, who visit it as a tourist. Surely, no one would be looking forward to visit the places without a female companion.
  • A feeling of sensuousness: The Kolkata female escorts is an ideal companion since they are best at making people feel relaxed and sensuousThey certainly know how to get things going in the first place.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed: An escort companion will surely make up for your all time partner amidst the alien attire of the location.
  • Not feeling out of place: This is one feeling that needs to be avoided at all costs. No one is willing to feel out of place without a female companion at a new place.
  • Someone to share your feelings with: Someone to talk to is what all of us look forward to. We must have a partner with whom we can talk and share our feelings at the end of the day.
  • Having our desires fulfilled: Male desires spike up at sexy and sensual places. It would be ideal to hire an escort to live our desires.
  • Having a gala time: Well,this is also important as the escort companion can surely make the person feel amazing in all possible ways! Having a gala time is never an issue since the person is always looking for excitement.
Kolkata Escoorts Guide

Don’t Worry Dude No Scam! We Provide 100% Safe and Real Service.

Kolkata Escorts Service

The Guide of Giving the Deep Sensual and Sexual Pleasure Through Erotic Massage in Kolkata

  1. Have the patience:While you are the giver, there might be some situations, when you would be aroused too. In such situations, what will help you is the patience. So, have it. The longer and better it would go, the nicer would be the experience.
  2. Ask your partner to give you ample amount of time:It is seen that generally who hire the masseuse or escort, they want it quick. so, tell them in advance that if they want to feel the real lovemaking, they would require to give the time. Longer the time, deeper the sexual pleasure.
  3. Get him properly laid:  Erotic Massages is the art. It is not the exercise that at a particular position it is done. Hence, getting the tune is the important thing. Work out on perfect position, which gives more pleasure to partner and keeps him calm and uninhibited. You can try the butt side down position and make sure you wear the soft clothes, being naked would also work.
  4. Might the oil be needed:Well, not necessarily, but if need the proper and smooth movement of your hand on his body then, you require the oil. They can be the aromatic or scented oils.
  5. If feel aroused, deep-breath:As told in number one, if you are aroused or your partner is aroused, practice the deep breathing.

Note: Female Escorts in Kolkata West Bengal  is also available for all Sexual service like Nude massage, Naked massage, Sex Massage Service and body to body – female to male threesome service link mentioned below

These 5 steps will guide you through the journey of giving a blissful and ecstatic sensual massage in Kolkata.

Make the Stay a Memorable and a Commendable One

The best thing about Kolkata is that the person can certainly resort to a number of means of enjoyment here. It would be better to say that you never run out of options in Kolkata. Certainly, having sex and keeping the mind afresh can be a brilliant way to help you with the day. Hooking up with hot girls who provide for the finest of all pleasures at the city’s heart is certainly worth the appraisal.

This is one of the best opportunities to engage in a sexual relationship with the top line of elite girls in the business. Hot and sensual they are, at the same time they are also known to be the hot in their business.

Women are definitely among the most gracious creations of the almighty. They are the better companions that a man can get. Be it the emotional attachment or the amazing ability to satisfy their counterpart, the top line of hottest Asian & Russian Escorts Kolkata is certainly the genuine in their business. It would be worth the effort and money to hook up with the terrific in Kolkata and make the stay memorable as well. Being at such a classy city, certainly there would be very few people not looking to hook up with the sexy girls in Central Kolkata. Surely, you would not want to be one of them.


Personal Escort Service in Kolkata No Advance Direct Cash​

Do you want some mind-blowing hot girls on your bed, doing all kinds of naughty and kinky things, and yet, are afraid of losing your hard-earned money to fraudsters and middlemen? Not anymore! With the help of us business transparency and ethical practice are of prime importance to us. So, in line with our business ethics, we take no advance direct cash from our customers. You pay only when you are served.  We have a curated gallery of beautiful and top-class profile Escort Services in Kolkata with new profile additions almost every hour. You can browse through our website and choose your dream girl you want to spend a night with Just give us a call or WhatsApp, and we will do the rest for you. And, again, you will pay only when your girl is at your door. We provide Genuine and the New call girls and Escorts in Kolkata with phone numbers and real identities.

Independent Escorts Kolkata

Why Do Men Go to Escorts?

Every day we see many ads of escorts on sites in this field in our city, and more and more ladies choose to practice this profession. We all know that many men go to escorts for certain intimate moments or even to discuss distinct topics with such a young lady. Still, we do not understand why they are preferred instead of young ladies who do not practice these services in some situations. Depending on their character and conventions, men answered this question several times even though the subject became taboo.

A man chooses a Kolkata escort girl based on the city in which she works, her appearance, communication skills, age, and experience.

To better understand why so many men choose to date an escort instead of building a relationship, we need to know the benefits of hiring a beautiful escort girl with extensive experience in this field.

Kolkata Escorts Service

Get 100% Satisfy All Your Sexual Desires

At the end of the day, when someone is stationed in Kolkata, especially if the person happens to be a first-timer, he would certainly be looking forward to some “serious action.” Well, with the topmost line of Kolkata escorts prepared for the service, it can be rightfully said that Kolkata has more than what meets the eye.
A place that has everything to offer also provides vitality, allowing the person to engage in sexual activities there. Having a bold relationship with Bengali model girls has never been easier. Back here, it is the best opportunity for the person to make the most out of their stay in Kolkata.

Book and Spend Time With Our High-Profile Escort Services in Kolkata

The Escort Services in Kolkata are not just stunning but have attractive personalities as well as well-mannered. When you choose to hire the best Call Girls in Kolkata with beautiful bodies, they will come with other services as well, like massage services, NSA services, and something more interesting, which you will get to know once you book our call girls. With them, you can unwind and have a great time all night. Just meeting with them any way you want, besides taking them for  events and personal delight. Other than that, these Escort Services in Kolkata can also give you the girlfriend experience without demanding commitment or anything; they understand the meaning of non-committal relationships.

There are sexy girls to aunties who have just crossed their 20s and are just looking for some casual fun and extra cash with some horny fun. The best part about having them around is that you will never feel bored or embarrassed. Our top-rated call girls know how to keep a secret relationship secret and don’t hamper privacy. Just take her to your bedroom, and she’ll satisfy you like hell. These middle-aged Kolkata horny girls are not anything less than college-going chics when it comes to satisfying their male partners in bed with lust.

Kolkata Escorts Guidelines

Kolkata Escorts Guide

Reason Why We Are On Top Escorts in Kolkata - Behind Our Success​

In a crowded place where choices abound, discerning customers are drawn to us not just for the quality of our Escort Service in Kolkata but for the unwavering commitment we have to ensure their satisfaction and happiness. At the heart of our success lies a dedication to providing the Party Call Girl Services in Kolkata that exceed expectations, creating a bond of trust and admiration that sets us apart.

 Our journey begins with a simple yet powerful philosophy: to consistently deliver excellence in every Escort Service in Kolkata we offer. Whether it’s our prompt customer support, innovative solutions, or top-notch call girl service in Kolkata, we take pride in going above and beyond. It’s not merely about meeting expectations; it’s about surpassing them. This commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of why customers choose us.

Genuine Hookers in Kolkata - Meet Personal for Sexual Needs​

Personal Meeting and explaining your wishes to a hooker in Kolkata about all needs and facility is available online or on call. You can also ask for some genuine contacts from other cities for a meeting or dating escort according to your desire and arrange some special facility in the city.

You Can aslo discuss best sex positions and also new sex positions, different sex positions and sexual positions. Find out how to put great sex positions to use. Oral sex positions are our specialty too.

Discuss about :

• 27 Erotic Sex Positions
• Instructional Playmode
• Lovemaking Playmode
• Random Sex Position Selector
• Tantalizing Foreplay Teasers
• Sensual Mood Music
• Two Extra Bonus Positions Included

This helps you to: 

• Add excitement to their sex life
• Become a better lover
• Learn how to satisfy their lover
• Expand their sexual repertoire
• Maximize their sexual potential
• Add a sense of adventure to sex
• Rekindle their sexual relationship with their partner
• Incorporate new positions into their sexual routine

Price List Of Our Kolkata Escorts


Kolkata Escorts - Real and Verified
  • 1 Hour Time - Unlimited Shots
  • Romantic Talk
  • Blue Job/Hand Job
  • 69 Pose
  • Doggy Style
  • Deep French Kissing
  • Cum in Mouth
  • Cum on Body
  • Anal Sex


Kolkata Escorts - Real and Verified
  • 2 Hours Time - Unlimited Shots
  • Romantic Talk
  • Blue Job/Hand Job
  • 69 Pose
  • Doggy Style
  • Deep French Kissing
  • Cum in Mouth
  • Cum on Body
  • Anal Sex


Kolkata Escorts - Real and Verified
  • Full Night - Unlimited Shots
  • Romantic Talk
  • Blue Job/Hand Job
  • 69 Pose
  • Doggy Style
  • Deep French Kissing
  • Cum in Mouth
  • Cum on Body
  • Anal Sex

Best Professional Escorts Services by KE Guide ( Kolkata / Calcutta)

Options for all kinds of clients To develop and build massive clientele, we always ensure that clients receive the best services from our girls. If you are mulling over whether you can hire our girls or not, let us explain that we have girls for everyone. You do not refrain from the happiness and pleasure just because of the money constraints. Therefore, we have classified our services in several sections so clients of different society can easily find the Call girls.

These hot Kolkata girls will surely keep you intrigued. They will be arriving dressed in flirty bikinis and beach clothes. After that, you will have a few time to admire their looks before getting cozy with them. When they arrive at your home, be sure you behave in a manner that is professional and behave in a gentlemanly manner with them. Avoid using rude words when speaking to our Kolkata chauffeurs and treat them as the Royal Lady.

These hot housewives are designed to be treated with respect and appreciate it when people treat them with respect. Are you thinking of what to do accomplish with our Kolkata chauffeurs once they arrive at your house? Start by stroking their hair and kissing their necks by their lips. Begin kissing their backs and move your tongue upwards and down over her back. This will trigger the escort to Kolkata and you’ll love each and every minute of the duration of the night.

Don’t spend your time looking for escorts to meet up with. Instead, make reservations for a real personal escort and have a great time with them.

Before you take a bath by our escorts in Kolkata Make sure you’ve got a contraception with you. If it’s the pill or condom Keep it in your purse as you don’t want unwanted pregnancy to take a bite out of your earnings.

Therefore, when it comes to hiring girls for sexual services, people always look for kinky behavior girls. Responding to the demands of the clients, most of the agencies started offering kinky services to the clients especially. They mention the hot and kinky girls on their website with their charges so that clients, without any issue or hurdle, can hire the girls.

You can now hire the top call girls in Kolkata for a one-night fling by making a simple phone call. Do not bother to visit us when you can contact us to book your favorite service. We also have the ability to reserve Kolkata female escorts.


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