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Hey everybody! Whoa! It’s been a while! I haven’t been here in ages! Have you missed me?! Of course you have! I thought it was!
I’m on this site to talk about my recent encounter with a few women who happen to be hearing me talk about being an escort girl in Kolkata. They were so shocked when they heard this they decided they were obliged to share their views with me! Therefore, I sat for 5 minutes listening to their opinions on my chosen profession. They explained to me how their husbands were always viewing Porn instead of focusing on their wives. They said it was my fault that their marriages weren’t as great as in the past.
Then, I said that, judging from the talk she’d already had for me, I’m surprised he didn’t want to. I went on to tell the guys they were right. Porn has been in the public eye for quite a while, and it’s not the fault of men who have been turning to it lately. Thirdly, I said that men require sexual release and that they’ll get it from a source, and if they are unable to obtain the release from wives, then they will seek out a different source to get it! And I’ll put the guarantee on!
Ladies, the next time you think of judging me for something that you can quickly correct with a fresh dress or an alternative, erotic posture, don’t! In the realm of sexuality, men require it, men search for it, and men locate it. The only thing I do is give it away.
Thank you for listening!

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