hot desire
I stand before you. Begin to do a slow strip in front of you, stripping myself agonizingly slowly. I always come back to you and kiss you. Unbutton my shirt… very slowly… button by button… See your hot look… Sit on the sofa… I’ll stroke your upper body once and take off your shirt. Return to my shirt. Loosen the last button. First, stroke it over one shoulder and then over the other. The shirt slides to the floor. My black bra hardly covers anything, it’s almost entirely transparent. I open the button of my jeans. Pull the zipper down very slowly. Stand in front of you, turn my back to you, and very slowly remove the jeans from my ass. My black thong comes out, and I take off my jeans. Now I’m standing in front of you in just a thong and bra. Kneel before you. Smile at yourself and start kissing your upper body. My tongue wanders over your upper body.

right choose

God, you taste
good! I touch your cock and stroke it. Do you have a gun in your pants, or are you happy to see me? Your pants are already pretty baggy. I tighten on your nipple. First, it is very gentle, then a little more complicated. Stroke your upper body with my hand… You feel so good. I open your pants… and take out your cock. Kiss him. You moan, “Oh yes! You know what I need…nibble on me and drive me crazy, you know I want you…play with me, drive me crazy!!’ I reach into my handbag next to you. Get out the handcuffs. Take your hand and lead you to a chair. \ “Sit down!\” I say to you. You sit down. I go behind you, take your hands, and tie them behind you. I go back to my purse and pull out a silk scarf. You look at me, slightly confused. I stand behind you again and blindfold you so that now you can only…

my self
h can feel. Now you’re hopelessly at my mercy, but you know what I will take you to now. That you’re begging to be fucked by me. To achieve this, I kneel before you and passionately kiss you. Lightly twirl your nipples. I run my tongue down your throat. On to your nipples. Suck lightly on them and then slide further down. Twirl your nipples a little more complex as I take your hard cock in my mouth and suck on it once… You moan: “Yes, that’s exactly it…go on…please…my cock is standing like that.” one…I want to feel you. please sit on me…..please…” I hear your begging, but it’s not enough for me… I want you madly; I want you madly with lust. I lick along your cock, listening to your moans. Enjoy having you in front of me like this. I take your cock in my hand, put it in my mouth, and start
moving my head back and forth while I also jerk it in rhythm. Lick your hard cock again and again. Lick your balls and put them in your mouth. Suck on them. Still twirling your nipple. I enjoy making you fidget like that. Your begging makes me horny. To drive you even more insane. I get up. You suddenly feel my erect nipple on your lip. But when you want to lick it, I pull it back again. So that you don’t touch me. I hear you begging to taste her; I get closer to her again and again, but you don’t touch me. I kneel again, brushing my large breasts and stiff nipples over your upper body. You groan. I wrap my big breasts around your cock and start to move up and down lightly… Hear you moan, “Oh my god, you’re making me horny… I’m so turned on, Tina; you’re driving me completely crazy; I think your eggs are about to burst; you’re so crazy…you know exactly how I need it!”
Oh, how does this power over you turn me on…Do you want to feel how horny this makes me? You beg: “Ye,s please… don’t let me fidget any longer; I’ll do everything you want, but please let me feel you,u Tina, please…” I stand up, come very close to you, put your hard Tail to my already very wet crack… and let it slide very slowly, agonizingly slowly, into me. Millimeter by millimeter, your hard cock slides into my tight hole. Deeper and deeper…until I’m sitting entirely on you. I’m so tight; you fill me. You hear me groan. I put my arms around you. You can smell me, you can taste me… You want to hold me, but you are still tied up… you are helpless at the mercy of my painfully slow movements… you want to touch my big tits… but I lean away from you… My scent makes you wilder and wilder. I’ll play with you. I’ll keep leaning

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away from you if you want to taste me. I feel you are becoming more and more insane. I slowly move up and down. Twirl your nipple. Groan. The friction inside me makes me wetter and wilder. I’m slowly getting a little faster. I keep pushing you away when you want to taste me. This feeling is so wild. Wants you to beg to taste me. Getting faster, I moan louder and louder, which drives me crazy. Here and now, there are only the two of us. Stroke your belly, twirl your nipples, lean over to suck and pinch them. First very carefully, then in my passion, becoming more and more firm. You make me more and more horny in this position. “Tina, I can’t take this much longer…” you moan. Now, I can’t take it much longer and will release you from your bonds. Ride yourself faster and wilder. Moan in your ear. Moan your name again and again…Oh, Chris…You feel so hot…Through you
I grow wilder and wilder in moans of my name. Soon, the time has come for me… I notice how my orgasm is rolling in quickly… My orgasm is rolling in hotly. I hold on to you; you hug me and hold me tight. I feel like I’m coming so hard that I’m afraid to take off… Clinging to your back… Screaming in pleasure when he’s finally there. You tell me how horny I make you, how much you want me to put him in your mouth again… The orgasm is overwhelming!!! My whole body shakes, and I kiss you. Slowly, the orgasm subsides, and I stand up to kneel in front of you. I put it in my mouth; your hands bury themselves in my hair. I suck, lick and taste you wildly, wholly and passionately uninhibitedly. Suck harder and harder. Hear your moans. Then I feel your cock start to twitch. I greedily take in all your cream, swallow all your hot cream. Don’t waste

a drop. And lick it clean… Then I look at you and smile. All the cream is gone, and I kiss you. “Oh God, Tina… that was amazing… I came so hard… you are an amazing woman!!!!!,” you say to me, and I smile at youKolkata Escorts


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